Mengo From His Cashle

One day Mengo was walking down the street because he was from his cashle. Then Y-Guy was like, "Hey Mengo, why aren't you in your cashle?" Then, Feadarnem was like, "Yeah-" But nobody cared because Y-Guy ate the mushroom and saved the princess but she was in another cashle. Then Mengo was in his cashle, but it wasn't really Mengo. But then, Mengo was from his cashle. Then, Y-Guy went into his cashle and diiiiiiiiiied, then he came back and he diiiiiiiiiiied. He came back and Mengo was there, so he got the thing and Mengo got eaten. But then, there was the princess, but the princess was Carly rae jepson and then Y-Guy and Feadarnem threw the princess in the traaaaash bin and ever since they threw her away nobody ever fouuuund her then the ennnnnnnnnd.

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